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The Lunch Bunch's Journal
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Wednesday, March 19th, 2008
10:19 am
Nom nom nom!
I could really use this community -- thanks for bringing it up! As of now, I resort to the whole Hot- or Lean-Pockets thing and fruit of some sort, which isn't imaginative at all. In fact, it gets kind of old. ;) So I'm here to see if anyone else has suggestions!

Hmm... bento boxes? Go on about them. They sound really cute. :)
9:12 am
Come on in, take pics of your lunch, give us recipes! Let us know what you like, how you make it, and ideas!
9:12 am
Do you bring your lunch? Do you have trouble deciding what to make for lunch?
I still like the idea of bento boxes.  But most i find pics of are for preschoolers and stuff.    Would you join a community based on what your making for lunch with pictures/recipes and stuff?  It doesn't have to be lunches in bento boxes just lunches.

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